Dressing for Success Can Help Your Career More Then You Think

Finding a job these days isn’t an easy task. This means you need to put your best foot forward when interviewing. A good way to do this is dress the part.

That’s right. What you wear to work and to job interviews still matters. Yes, more and more people are telecommuting. More people are arriving to work in jeans and t-shirts. However, that does not mean that you should dress casually for an interview.

This simple rule may help where job interviews are concerned: Far better to be overdressed then under-dressed. Even if the company you’re interviewing for says, “No need to dress up, we’re very casual here,” it is best to still wear proper business attire for your interview. Your clothing is capable of showing how serious you are about your employment, and employers want somebody who really wants to grow with a company and takes their position seriously. Should you dress for an interview in t-shirt and jeans, you have made a bad first impression, even though you may blow the competition out of the water with your qualifications.

In the workplace you should still evaluate the clothing you wear. Even in a casual place you can still look sharp. When you just grab yesterday’s jeans off the floor and run out the door you won’t get noticed. People who put more thought into their style stand out from their peers, which is never a bad thing if the boss is looking to promote someone!

It goes without saying that looking great is not a replacement for being a good worker. Actions will always speak louder than appearance. That being said, standing out because you are a great employee AND a smart dresser isn’t a bad thing!

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