What is Pinterest, and Why You Should Care

Are you just becoming familiar with the idea of social media? Well here comes another that’s growing in popularity: Pinterest. Something that is different about Pinterest is that it focuses less on updates concerning the day-to-day and more on the interests of the users. This encourages creativity among its user base.

But what exactly is it all about? The name of the website is a hint. Pinterest is a combination of the words “pin” and “interest”. When you have a Pinterest account you literally create “pinboards” and “pin” images of things you like or are interested in, creating a collage of your tastes.

Creating Pinterest Categories

Creating categories will allow you to organize your account and allow people to decide what in your account they want to concentrate on. You can decide to share all of your pinboards with other users or only a couple. You can not only make notes about the images you pin to your pinboard, but you can also add links to sites where you found the images.

The Social Part of Pinterest

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can choose to follow coworkers and friends. You do not have to follow all of a friend’s collections; for instance, you can choose to follow only their collection of art, while choosing not to follow the restaurants they like in their area.

Joining Pinterest

The main challenge with Pinterest is getting an account: you must be invited to sign up. You can request an invitation straight from Pinterest when you go to the site, but it’s uncertain just how long you’ll have to wait to receive an invite using this method. It is much more reliable to find friends or acquaintances that are already using Pinterest. You can then ask them to invite you to the site through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

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