Update Regarding Upstream Carrier

As you may know, the telecommunications industry has been struggling to mitigate the recent disruptions caused from malicious actors targeting upstream service providers. Partners and customers may have experienced issues ranging from failed calls to delayed audio and the inability to interact with third-party auto attendants.

Why Are My Business Calls Being Blocked or Flagged as Spam?

Many of our KloudTel Hosted VoIP Customers have been reaching out to express frustration over carriers marking their business numbers as SPAM. Enough customers have done this, we decided to write a blog post about why this is happening.
The New Law

The main reason carriers are cracking down on spam calls is due to a law passed under the Trump administration that requires carriers to provide enhanced protections for their customers at no charge.

Gmail: Manage your emails better with these 5 simple tricks

Security, ease of use, and free service are just some of the main reasons why many businesses use Gmail. But despite the email service’s ubiquity, there are still plenty of ways for users to improve their Gmail experience. Gain better control over your inbox — and your workday — with these tricks. Undo Send In […]

Why is it important to have a business continuity plan?

Many small- to medium-sized business (SMB) owners fail to prepare for major crises like flood and ransomware attacks. Disaster events can cause downtime, which can result in lost revenue and lower profits. In addition, SMBs that fail to recover quickly from disruption face the risk of losing their customers to their competitors. To prevent this […]

Think your password is secure? Think again

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created many of the password best practices you probably loathe, including using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. The NIST now says those guidelines were ill-advised and has changed its stance. Find out why and what this means for you. The problem The issue isn’t […]

Why you should implement single sign-on for your business

Password creation and management can be a bothersome process, with different websites imposing different password parameters and the like. Multiply that by all the online services you use and it all starts to look overwhelming. Fortunately, a simple tool called single sign-on can make all of that much easier. What is single sign-on (SSO)? Single […]

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