Kaseya Ransomware Final Update

Kaseya Ransomware Final Update

To complete our updates to the Kaseya Ransomware incident.

Kloud9 has fully started its Kaseya VSA server backup after extensive testing of the patches provided by Kaseya on July 16th.

Although Kloud9's clients were generally not affected by this incident, it did slightly reduce our service deliverability and delayed our billing cycles. We apologize for both impacts.

Rest assured Kloud9 is back to full operational status, delivering our great IT Support & Management services you've come to expect.

For a detailed technical analysis of how the hack was performed see this article here: https://blog.truesec.com/2021/07/06/kaseya-vsa-zero-day-exploit/

This incident has highlighted not just how important Your IT security is, but your IT providers.

Kloud9 internally has generally taken the same steps in IT security as the highest compliance industries such as the financial and medical industries. As we further strive for security hardening, we will be implementing the CMMC Level 3 standards that are required for government military contractors. This is the highest level of compliance possible in IT security for organizations, being the only standard that is truly enforced by the third-party auditors.

In addition, Kloud9 maintains up to date Cybersecurity insurance, and always recommends our clients do as well.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your own security posture, please reach out to our service team to schedule a call with your Technical Client Lead or our Service Manager.

Trent Milliron

CEO Kloud9

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