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Can I Access Your Facebook Page on my Phone?

You may have thought to make your website optimized for mobile devices, but how many of us have done the steps needed to make sure our Facebook pages are also mobile ready? That’s what I thought! You’ll want to give this some thought, since huge numbers of people are interacting with Facebook daily, and more than half of those are connecting with their mobile devices. Going further, it’s been shown that 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with shopping, with 74% making a purchase as a result. While much of Facebook would appear to be mobile optimized out of the box, there are some aspects of this you’ll want to check.

Look at how your Facebook Page is rendered on a mobile device

Facebook creates a summarized version of your web page that is served to the public via their mobile devices. It’s important that you take a moment and discover how this looks. The first element of your Facebook page that is rendered is your Timeline, though, and this is important: not all of it. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you have a “pinned” post, so that it will be featured first and most prominently. After this is the Recommendations and Check-Ins section, and then photos, and lastly, your most recent post.

A few tips to help optimize your Facebook Page

  • Remember you have less time and space on Mobile to gain someone’s attention, so be sure to use vivid pictures, (not too big, as Facebook will crop them!) and direct, concise text and calls to action.
  • Keep your Facebook page complete and up to date. Be sure and check it on “Facebook Nearby” to ensure your vital information is visible and accurate.
  • Be sure to encourage check-ins from your location since they make a huge difference. This is the mobile equivalent of word of mouth advertising.
  • Be active and check in on your page frequently. You can also manage your Facebook from your own mobile device, which can help with customer engagement tremendously!

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