How to Use LinkedIn Business Pages Like a Pro

Why Use LinkedIn Business Pages?

It was only a matter of time before business professional network LinkedIn became a beneficial and workable tool for small business to use effectively. Long an afterthought when it came to actually marketing with this particular social network, it has now emerged from the shadows to offer a attractive alternative option to Facebook and Google pages. No longer is it simply a job seeking site, but an appealing and useful social channel. MarketingLand reports that LinkedIn has grown to over 3 million company pages and some 225 million members actively sharing information, engaging with one another, and making the most of the Web’s #1 business professional network.

How small business can benefit from LinkedIn

There are numerous ways creating a business page on LinkedIn can help your brand. Let’s examine a few.

  • LinkedIn profiles and optimization - Optimizing your company page with brand specific keywords and content is vital for your profile page as well as any targeted pages, where you could display your wares. The LinkedIn audience is quite sophisticated from a business standpoint, and your company profile is one place to display your strengths. Also, bear in mind that profiles will appear in organic Google search, so it’s a virtual business card to boot.
  • LinkedIn search is growing - Since these posts on LinkedIn can and will appear in both a LinkedIn search as well as Google, you’ll wish to be consistent with any keywords you intend to rank for. New ways LinkedIn is enhancing search is thru the ability for LinkedIn admins to post as your brand, instead of as a single person. Other new tools include recent acquisition SlideShare, LinkedIn Influencers and Sponsored Updates, proving LinkedIn’s newfound commitment to search.
  • Create great content - Without a doubt one of the best ways for you to benefit from the LinkedIn platform is by producing and sharing fantastic content. Taking advantage of not just your home page content, but also the tabs for products and careers is an excellent opportunity to show your best content. Make liberal use of video as well.
  • Link to your other social media channels - Currently just a third of the top 100 LinkedIn company pages link to their social profiles from LinkedIn. This is an absolute must, as it will improve your Google rankings at the same time.

LinkedIn is not just a glorified job board these days. It’s a full-fledged and active social network having a business flavor. Start taking advantage of LinkedIn company pages today!

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