The $38 tablet is here

Remember when tablets that were priced under $100 were big news? Now tablet makers are offering their products at prices that are even lower. The big question, though, is whether these budget-priced tablets are worth your money. Time Magazine recently looked at this question, evaluating the new Ubislate 7Ci tablet from Datawind. What's remarkable about this tablet? It only costs $38.

Race to the bottom?

There's been a long-running race to the bottom among tablet makers. Naturally, when we say "bottom," we're talking about price. Tablet makers around the world have been racing to flood the shelves with the lowest priced tablets possible in an effort to capture the business of the budget-conscious consumer. The Datawind tablet beats them all in terms of price.

The Ubislate

But when it comes to performance? Time shares that the Datawind tablet doesn't exactly shine here. Time writes that the tablet offers the same kind of tech specs that smartphones featured some years ago. The tablet is bogged down by bad viewing angles, short battery life and a lethargic overall performance. The tablet has only 4 GB of storage, meaning that you won't have much room for storing apps.

How cheap?

But, it's hard not be impressed by the low price tag. Time admits that the Datawind price point is impressive. So if you are in the market for inexpensive tablets, rejoice: It seems like the price war among tablet makers isn't going to end any time soon. What this means is that tablet prices will keep falling, turning these devices into budget items.

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