Tech failures were common in 2013

The past year was not without its major tech disasters. And so the Telegraph newspaper wasn't shy about showcasing them. In its year-end look into the biggest tech failures of 2013, the Telegraph focused on three miscues that really showed how tech can backfire when it's not adequately tested or monitored.

The healthcare fiasco

To no one's surprise, the fiasco tops the Telegraph's list of 2013 tech screw-ups. And why not? When the website debuted, it didn't work. Consumers couldn't log on. And if they could, they couldn't find the insurance information they needed. The website's failure has been the greatest embarrassment of Obama's second term.

Sabre’s travel mess-up

Then there's the Sabre travel-booking system. In the height of the school holidays, Sabre's worldwide reservation system -- a system employed by more than 300 airlines -- went on the fritz. This caused flight cancellations and delays for thousands and thousands of passengers.


When Walmart web shoppers in October stumbled across computer equipment that's valued at $500 was being offered at $8.99, they reacted by buying tons of it. Sadly for them, the bargain prices were an online glitch. Walmart refused to honor the bargain prices, sending angry consumers to social media to protest. Just what Walmart needed: more bad press.

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