Some of the biggest tech failures of 2013

Sometimes tech simply doesn't work. Then there's times when technology rollouts are true disasters. The Telegraph newspaper recently covered some of the biggest tech disasters of 2013. While you read about them, try to learn something. You don't want to make some of the same mistakes -- albeit on a smaller scale -- with your business.

The healthcare fiasco

Pres. Obama fought hard to get the Affordable Care Act enacted. When it was time to roll out the website that was to be the online home of the new insurance plan, he and his fellow White House staffers stumbled big time: The site was a disaster. It rarely even loaded. Even if consumers were lucky enough to login, they struggled finding insurance information they wanted. The site has been mostly repaired since then, but the fiasco has still left a stain on Obama’s legacy.

Sabre’s travel mess-up

Then there's the Sabre travel-booking system. In the height of the school holidays, Sabre's worldwide reservation system -- a system used by more than 300 airlines -- went on the fritz. This caused flight cancellations and delays for thousands and thousands of passengers.

Walmart reneges on a bargain

In October, consumers visiting Walmart's website thought that they had found a fantastic bargain when they managed to purchased computer monitors and other gear for just $8.99, despite the fact that these tech items were regularly priced as much as $500. Walmart blamed tech glitches and refused to honor the discount deals. Naturally customers were angry. If you wanted proof, you just had to log on to social media.

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