What’s keeping Samsung from dominating the business market?

No one could argue that Samsung isn't a leading force in the smartphone and tablet industry. Consumers are flocking to these devices. But the word "consumers" is the key in that last sentence. In spite of Samsung's successfulness in selling tablets and smartphones to consumers, it still has a lot of work to do to draw business leaders to purchase its phones.

Targeting businesses

In a recent story, the Wall Street Journal wrote that if Samsung hopes to continue its impressive growth, it will have to make inroads in the business world. The tech firm has already mastered the consumer world with its tablets and smartphones. Doing the same in the business world is Samsung’s next challenge, according to the Journal story.

Security issues

Part of the reason for Samsung's struggles to break into the business world lies in its security system for mobile devices, a system known as Knox. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the system has been hit with delays and programming bugs. This has annoyed clients, including a big one, the U.S. Defense Department.

Beating BlackBerry

But there is reason to believe that Samsung can boost its smartphone presence in the business world, according to the Journal story. BlackBerry, because of its security system, had long dominated this market. But the Canadian smartphone maker is suffering through well-documented problems of its own. If Samsung can boost its mobile security, according to the Journal story, the chances are good it can steadily increase its share of the business market.

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