Do we need high-tech snow gloves?:

Ever get the urge to call your boss while you're showering? Ever need to talk to your significant other and keep shoveling snow while doing so? You're in luck: Manufacturers have created two new tech gadgets which give you the ability to tackle these dubious tasks.

The new way to shower?

The Huffington Post recently checked out some products that we never knew needed high-tech upgrades. First, the Post covered the iPad Musical Shower Curtain, retailing for an reasonably priced $39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer. The curtain includes built-in speakers that deliver music from your smartphone or iPad while you are enjoying your hot shower. The device incorporates waterproof touch controls inside the curtain that let you control your iPad or smartphone and answer phone calls. That's right, now you have to answer calls from your boss even while you're showering.

Shoveling snow in a high-tech world

Annoyed that your gloves do nothing but keep your fingers warm? Well, Beartek has the product for you. The company's Snow Gloves from Beartek, which cost $120, wirelessly communicate with your smartphone. What this means is, according to the Huffington Post story, you can talk to your boss without taking a break from your snow-shoveling duties. You can also use the gloves to make phone calls and listen to music.

Too much tech?

These gadgets are nifty. But the big question is: Do we honestly need them? Do we need to be so connected that we can’t even take a shower without receiving a call from our bosses? The world has become a high-stress place. It’s unclear whether gadgets such as these will calm our lives or simply boost the stress we’re already facing.

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