Will Facebook’s more powerful Graph Search bring up too many embarrassing posts?

Will Facebook's more advanced Graph Search -- which is being tested on select users now -- uncover some embarrassing comments concerning your sister-in-law that you'd rather the world not read again? Or what about a photo from your friend's bachelor party that you now wish were never captured? As TechCrunch writer Josh Constine says, it just may.

New search

The new Graph Search will allow users to search your Facebook comments and updates by comments, notes, updates, check-ins and photo captions. Which means that your family members, friends and co-workers might have no trouble digging up all those embarrassing snapshots you posted during your college days.


Constine cites privacy issues. Now users who want to see everything that you've ever written on Facebook don't have to search from your profile. It can now be searched quickly by whoever has permission to see your comments and updates. This could be quite embarrassing if you would rather no one ready your comments from your booze-fueled college days.

Obscurity is gone?

Constine comments in his story about privacy by obscurity. Prior to this newer version of Graph Search, Facebook users could rest assured that most fellow users wouldn’t search through years of their old posts searching for one embarrassing photo or inappropriate joke. With Graph Search, though, this is no longer the case. Privacy by obscurity, as Constine calls it, will pretty much disappear.

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