The new science of smartphone protection

What’s the very first thing that goes through your mind after you’ve dropped your smartphone? That might not be printable, right? However, if you’ve invested in a smartphone case that uses the latest in protection technology, your first thoughts after dropping your phone could be clean enough to publish in a family newspaper. That’s because the latest cases made for smartphones do a far better job of protecting your devices from accidental falls or bumps.

Science of protection

The New York Times’ Gadgetwise column recently focused on a new era of protective cases created for smartphones. As reported by the Times, these new cases do a far better job of cushioning smartphones.


The Gadgetwise column concentrates on London’s Tech21. The company has invented a polymer, named D30 that it injects inside its protective cases. This polymer absorbs and redistributes the force of a fall or shock, protecting the phones they surround.

Peace of mind

The best news? The cases made by Tech21 are very affordable, according to the Times. The company’s Impact Band case costs $30. Its more upscale Impact Mesh costs $35. That’s not a lot of dollars to spend on ensuring mental comfort.

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