The Duracell Powermat: Taking the hassle out of charging

Do you hate charging your phones? Tired of dealing with cords that inevitably tangle or get lost? The Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System may well be for you. It provides wireless charging, and comes with its own powerful portable back-up battery.

The system

The Powermat charges iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones for 24 hours without making you to depend upon cords you easily lose. As CNET, in its review of this product says, the compact kit that comes with the Duracell Powermat boasts a powerful and portable battery that is perfect for providing power while you’re traveling.

Power all day

To work the system, you need to affix a specially designed case either around your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Once this is in place, you can use the system’s Powermat to wirelessly charge your phone. The phone, when completely charged, should have enough power to run for 24 hours.


The system also comes with a backup battery that you can take with you when you’re traveling. The battery charges through either a wired or wireless Micro-USB connection. The battery, Powermat and case makes this system a sound investment with its price tag of about $100.

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