Your Lifestyle and Your Technology

It seems like we hear about a new tablet or smartphone coming onto the market everyday. This may put pressure on people in the business world to purchase the latest and greatest tech.

Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech

Truth is, though, people are different. Some need the latest and greatest technology. Others can get by perfectly fine without making the jump to the highest of the high-tech. What kind of technology suits you? It may be useful to take a long look at your real needs before opting to invest in new technology.


Consider tablets, these handy devices are growing in popularity. However, they’re not really necessary for all consumers. Do you do most of your computing at home? Do you seldom feel the need to check email messages, surf the web, or watch videos while you are riding the train or waiting to pick up your children from soccer practice? Then a tablet is probably not necessary. However, if you spend much of your working hours on the go, whether working at coffee shops, standing in line at the grocery store, or using public transportation to get from one end of town to the next, then a tablet might be ideal. That’s because these devices enable you to send and receive email messages, watch movies on services such as Netflix, read and compose Word documents, surf the web, and play games – all on the run.

The Smartphone revolution

Smartphones permit us to use the Internet, send and receive emails, as well as perform all of the functions a normal cell phone would. But does everybody need a smartphone? This relies on how much computing you do on the road, some people may choose to have their commuting time between work and home to be disconnected from their email. If you are somebody who has time sensitive emails that you must deal with, then you may require an advanced smartphone.

So next time you read about the must-have smartphone or the ultimate tablet, look at your own lifestyle. You may not need to spend money on the latest cool tech toy of the month.

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