Improve Your Productivity With These Chrome Extensions

When you sit in front of a computer all day long is can be appealing to visit sites like The Chive regularly. If you find yourself doing this more then once or twice a day it may be damaging your productivity. Luckily, if you use Chrome, there are several extensions you can add that were developed to help you stay away from these distractions. The Huffington Post wrote a story recently that highlights several of these, but below we focus on 4 that stood out to us.

Stay Focused

This add-on is ideal if you find that you visit unproductive sites often throughout your day. It allows you to set a timer for particular sites. As you visit these, the timer counts down. When the time you have designated comes to an end, this extension blocks the site from being opened in Chrome for the rest of the day.

Cool Clock

If your lack of focus causes you to miss too many meetings or lunch dates, add Cool Clock to your Chrome browser. This add-on includes a clock, calendar, alarm, timer and hourly desktop time notifications. It’s designed to make sure that you no longer miss any crucial appointments. You may also set Cool Clock so that it informs you of the most important tasks you should complete during the day.

Last Pass

Do you have a lot of passwords? Do you spend a lot of time trying to remember this one or that one? Last Pass is a Chrome add-on that attempts to make this easier. It manages your online passwords for you so you do not have to fight to remember them.

Turn off the Lights

If you need to watch videos frequently as part of your job but get derailed easily, this extension can come in handy. Turn off the Lights dims everything else on your screen but keeps your media player bright so that you have to focus on the video you are watching instead of the other things you have open.


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