Using Alternative Browsers on the iPad and iPhone

Apple’s Safari, the default web browser on all iPads and iPhones, is a powerful piece of software. Users can count on Safari to quickly find and load their favorite web pages. But let’s suppose you’d prefer to browse with Opera, Dolphin, or Chrome? Fortunately you can download any browser you’d like to your iPad or iPhone. The bad news? Unless you’re willing to manually tinker with your Apple gadget – which is something only experienced techies should try – Safari will always remain your device’s default browser.

The default option

This means that when you tap a link in a program, your iPad or iPhone will automatically use Safari to open that link. If you’d rather open the link in another internet browser that you’ve downloaded to your device, you will need to copy the link, open your alternative browser, and then paste your link in that browser’s search bar. Is this an irritation? A bit. But if you truly prefer an alternative browser to Safari, then you’ll take the extra step.

Alternative browsers

Rob Pegoraro, a columnist for USA Today, pointed out in a recent article that with the release of Chrome, Google has been trying to highlight the fact that alternate browsers can be utilized on iPads and iPhones. And it is really easy to do this, just navigate to your preferred browser’s home page, and go through the download instructions for iOS.

A mix and match approach

Many people use different browsers on their laptops and devices for different things. Perhaps Chrome for personal tabs, and Safari for business related tabs. Whatever the case, even though you cannot change the default browser on your iPad or iPhone, that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of downloading your favorite browser.


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