Two Tips To Fight Screen ADD

Do you suffer from computer-screen attention deficit disorder? Here are some symptoms: You have five Internet Explorer tabs open at once. You’re working away at three Word documents simultaneously, and you are fiddling with two open spreadsheets, too. Quite simply, you are balancing so many on-screen tasks all at once, you’re struggling to finish any one of them.

Computer-screen ADD can make you less productive because when we concentrate on many tasks at once, we run the risk of not completing any of them. It can also become difficult to prioritize tasks when you are lost in a sea of responsibilities.

In other words, if you’re suffering from computer-screen ADD, you run the very real risk of never getting anything done. Fortunately, there are some ways to battle it, if you follow the tips, you just might find yourself turning into a more productive worker.

Resist the minimization urge

First, never minimize windows. This might be challenging at first. By minimizing windows, you can tackle numerous projects at once. However, if you don’t minimize anything, you’ll be forced to react to issues promptly. Instead of minimizing that business report and forgetting about it until tomorrow morning, you’ll have to proof it right away. Instead of shrinking that email message about setting a meeting later in the week, you will need to take care of it now, actually setting up that meeting. You can see how this “no-minimization” rule can force you to develop into a more productive individual: It makes sure that you take care of problems and jobs quickly, not at some unspecified future time.

Email filters

This is a very simple thing you can do to help you be more productive and stop screen ADD. You canset up filters to send emails that are from certain people to your inbox and anything else is sent to another inbox. This will prevent you from becoming sidetracked by the other emails and allow you to concentrate on the most important ones that you may have previously skimmed over.


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