Three Terrible Tech Ideas That Defy Taste, Logic and Common Sense

Bad technologies appear on a daily basis, and most quickly and quietly disappear. Regrettably some of them stick around beyond their natural expiration date. Here is a list of three apps that don’t know when to call it quits. How did they come to be, why haven’t they died, and who is wasting their hard-earned dollars on them?

Social Media for Your Bathroom

This one is really ludicrous. The iPoo is an app for your iPhone that is precisely what you think it is. It is specifically for people who don’t want to disconnect from their friends while they are going to the bathroom. This is not something many people should want, and yet, it still exists. Did you ever hear of somebody using a social network in the bathroom? This type of networking qualifies as antisocial behavior.

Tacos Through the Air

Have you ever had the craving for fast food tacos but don’t want to leave your home? Most people have, and the TacoCopter wants to solve this problem by delivering them to you. And exactly how would these tacos be delivered? Via helicopter drones. This is a service that will only be offered in California’s Silicon Valley but it is not up and running yet. Time will tell if this concept gets off the ground, so to speak.

A Stranger Is Only a Friend You Haven’t Met?

If you feel like your Facebook page could use more friends you can use the new service called Airtime. It collects information regarding your likes and interests and finds people who have similar interests. If you don’t like the strangers that it brings up for you, you can select the “next” button to advance on to the next person. This service is just for those people lonely enough to sort through the often sketchy world of online strangers.


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