The Best Online Music-Streaming Services

Many of us get our entertainment, news, and pay our bills via the Internet. So, it’s not a surprise that we access our music over the Internet as well. Many people subscribe to on-line music-streaming services that are either free or cost money. The advantages are many. People don’t have to copy their music files onto different devices plus they can listen to it anywhere they have internet access.

But which music-streaming services are the best? Here are some recommendations:

Pandora: Pandora is hardly a surprise choice, but there’s a reason this music-streaming service remains popular: It’s easy to use and it can quickly expose users to new music that they might not experience otherwise. The thought behind Pandora is simple: After logging onto the service, type in the name of a favorite artist, say “David Bowie.” Pandora will then play songs by Bowie and it will play songs from similar artists. This gives you a taste of other tunes that you could also like.

Grooveshark: Grooveshark is similar to Pandora. But you can also build your own playlists manually, all without creating an account. However, those who want to save their play lists will have to sign up for a free account. Like Pandora, Grooveshark also provides suggestions for songs that you might like determined by your past musical choices. Grooveshark also has an intriguing feature: You can help build the service’s database of music by adding your own favorite songs and artists if you don’t find them in Grooveshark’s existing collection.

Rhapsody: Rhapsody’s appeal is based on its huge database of music: more the 14 million songs. Unfortunately, this service is not free, it is $10 a month for unlimited music.

Spotify: Spotify is a Swedish music-streaming service that was launched in 2008. It has rapidly grown to one of the most recognized and widely used services out there. People like the flexibility of Spotify. When you search for an artist, you can listen to a full album or decide to use the radio function and Spotify will find similar artists for you to enjoy. Another benefit of Spotify is that you may create your own playlists and share them with other users if you so choose.

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