Windows Phone – Transforming Microsoft

Microsoft is everywhere; their products are used around the world. And, Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chief, is among the most widely known names in the field of technology. That said, Microsoft is missing one thing, it has never had a “cool” image. But the launch of Windows Phone, Microsoft’s new smartphone software, may well alter our opinion.

Microsoft has long had a reputation of being slightly uninspired. Do you remember the Zune mp3 player or the Kin phone? You might not, these were short lived, and are good examples of Microsoft products that have shot and missed.

That being said, Microsoft’s Windows Phone software has caught some attention. The Windows Phone has been received well by both critics and consumers.

Windows Phone receives praise for its simple to use interface, and its refreshing look. Users have easier access to social networks the in the past, the tiles on the home screen come to life when friends update their Twitter of Facebook keeping users up-to-date.

It is interesting that even with all this functionality, Windows Phone isn’t a big seller. This might be, in part, a result of the phones that use Windows Phone as an operating system, many people think they are boring. Another contributing factor is that most wireless providers push iPhone and Android devices.

While sales may be lower then desired for Windows Phone the change it is making to Microsoft’s reputation could have a very beneficial impact. Where the consumer is concerned, a little cool never hurt a business.

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