11 Smart Ways To Protect Your Email Privacy

11 Smart Ways To Protect Your Email Privacy

The hacking of email accounts is a common scenario these days. Unethical hackers have several reasons to infiltrate your inbox and get confidential details. The details can be regarding the transactions, payment details, bank accounts, or other details.

Emails are a form of web communication that holds crucial details from various people. Communication happens between the clients, customers, and business professionals. Most often, it is also a link between multiple account logins. Due to these reasons, emails are becoming a soft target for cybercriminals. Emails are soft targets because people may not even know the hacked email and keep using it.

Once the email gets hacked, the hackers can use it for innumerable account access and send out disturbing and spam emails to your clients or customers. Moreover, the hackers have an easy path to retrieve personal details from the email account. While reading all this, the only thought that comes to your mind is how to protect email accounts from being hacked.

It is essential to maintain email privacy and protection to save yourself from future complications.

How will you do it?

Check out these 11 ways to protect your email privacy.

1. Focus On Using Strong Passwords:

Usually, people use their names, nicknames, or birthdate for their passwords. These are easy to predict and hack your email accounts. The passwords of your email account are the only layer of protection between the hacker and your personal information. By hacking emails, the hackers can steal your identity as well. Therefore, it is essential to use a strong password. The passwords should contain small letters, capitals, numbers, and special characters. Moreover, ensure the length of the password should be long and it should not have any connection with your personal details. It will increase email privacy and make it difficult to hack your email account.

2. Avoid Accessing Your Emails Through Public :

Wi-fi: hackers are always looking for opportunities through public wi-fi. This wi-fi does not have any strong protection which makes it easy for the hackers to access the networks. They can get into the systems of the people using the public wi-fi. Sometimes hackers create fake wi-fi hotspots to lure people. By becoming the host, they can easily access your email accounts and derive crucial information.

3. Protecting The Email Address:

Protect your email password

To maintain email privacy, avoid sharing it with innumerable people. Experts would never recommend sharing your email id on social media platforms. Besides, you should avoid posting the email ids in the blog posts. People scrap the websites and get your data.

4. Always Log Out Your Email Account After Use:

People have a habit of staying logged on to their personal smart devices. It is to ensure easy access to the emails. You don’t have to enter the passwords multiple times. Staying logged in increases the risk of email account hacking. It is better to log out from your email account after finishing your work.

5. Do Not Use Third-Party Systems To Access Your Email Id:

Using your smartphone or laptop to access your email id is good. Apart from your personal devices, do not use other devices to access your email id. The device owner may get access to your email id and can use it for malicious activities.

6. Implement 2 Factor Authentication:

 2 Factor Authentication for email privacy .

2 Factor authentication increases the protection layers for the email account. With 2 factor authentication, it is tough for the hackers to get access to your inbox. 2-factor authentication will provide you with a temporary verification code. It will be sent to your phone number. Only you will have the access to the emails.

7. Encrypt Your Connections:

You can use various web applications to secure the email account on your devices (laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablet). The applications will prevent force attacks on the email id on all the devices.

8. Always Keep Your Phone Screen Locked:

By keeping your screens locked, you are blocking the visibility of your email account to a third person.

9. Beware Of The Phishing Scam:

Phishing is an easy way to break into email accounts and systems. Do not click on any links you get in your email.

10. Secure Your Email Account:

Besides securing the connection, you must secure the email accounts as well. There are multiple applications available for different devices. You can use the best application to suit your requirements.

11. Do Not Send Out Confidential Messages Directly:

While using emails to send out confidential details, encrypt them. The encryption will protect the data even if your email account gets hacked.


Email privacy is essential for every individual and not just the big organizations. It is crucial to protect your personal and confidential data from hacking. You can follow the aforementioned smart ways to prevent email hacking or cyber-attacks. Preventive measures are better than taking steps after the destruction has been caused.

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