How To Choose A Cloud Computing Technology For Your Startup?

How To Choose A Cloud Computing Technology For Your Startup?

Cloud Computing is one of the most trending technologies and also considered the best marketplace system. It is well known for supporting the companies or organizations that have an aim to offer the best quality customer services. In the digital era, each and every company required cloud computing services in order to decide the best things for business growth. You might be thinking that businesses can run even without cloud services. But it's not so! Cloud services are not an option anymore, but it has become a necessity.

Expert business managers who are running the business for so many years have an understanding of their business so they can easily come up with the essential features of cloud computing services which would be necessary for their business. But what if you're running a startup? There might be so many changes happening in my daily routine. In such situations, how will you choose the right cloud computing technology for your startup?

Well, you need not worry about it. We have enlisted all the essential points that will help you in making the right choice.

#1 Understand The Requirements Of Your Business

Before working on the selection of cloud services, you must have a great understanding of your business requirements.

1. What types of customers would you be serving?
2. Do you have any strategy in place to make your business run?
3. What types of infrastructure would you need for your business?
4. Will you require additional services for system integration or installation?

When you are able to provide answers to these questions, it would be helpful in analyzing what type of cloud services you would require for the business.

#2 What Type Of Cloud Are You Looking For?

There are various types of cloud computing services and infrastructure and are classified into different sections. If you are new to cloud computing, then you must analyze all the services. Only then you would be able to ensure which one is right for you.

Cloud Services - Public/ Private/ Hybrid: Based on the deployment services, the cloud infrastructure is divided into 3 main categories - Private, Public And Hybrid.

Cloud Services - Public Private Hybrid

Private cloud infrastructure and services are entirely used by a single company or organization.

Public cloud infrastructure solutions are available publicly and delivered over the internet. These cloud resources are generally owned and controlled by a third-party provider.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure or services are considered a better option as they combine the features of public and private clouds.

#3 Choosing The Cloud Services Based On The Technology Model:

Well, the cloud solutions and services are segregated into Iaas, Saas, and Paas

1. Infrastructure as a service
2. Platform as a service
3. Software as a service

If you choose IaaS, then it will let your business keep complete control of your applications and data, Moreover, you would be paying just for the services you are using. The best aspect of this cloud service is that you have flexibility, as they let you scale the cloud infrastructure up and down, based on your current needs.

PaaS refers to the cloud services that are generally used by developers, as it provides them with the servers, software development tools, and databases they need to create, test, and implement applications.

SaaS cloud services are considered perfect for companies and organizations irrespective of their shapes and sizes. If you are investing in SaaS, then the provider will have the responsibility of managing and maintaining both hardware and software components. In this way, you can save money on IT teams and grow your company faster.

#4 Take Into Consideration The Data Security:

Take Into Consideration The Data Security

Whenever you decide to adopt cloud services, the major concern is always about the data security of the company or organization. If you are not vigilant about it, then making use of cloud services can expose your confidential data to various malware and cyber attacks. So you must choose a cloud solution where the company’s data are secured and safe. The things that must be included in the cloud solutions are:

  • Data loss and leakage
  • Data privacy
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Accidental exposure of credentials
  • Data control
  • Incident response

It is recommended by the experts that before you invest in the cloud infrastructure, you should know what your major security goals and threats are.


Every startup business or company requires different cloud solutions and services. You cannot choose any services, as it will not be in compliance with your business requirements. So you must take all the above points into consideration while choosing cloud computing technology for your startup.

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