Don’t get off track. Download these biz apps today

If you are a small business owner, you already know that running your business takes up your entire day...and more. Business owners who aren't organized? Their companies don't succeed. Fortunately, there are many apps for iPhone owners that can help you juggle the numerous tasks involved in keeping a business afloat. Business News Daily recently had a look at these essential apps.

Fantastical 2

The price is right for calendar app Fantastical 2: It costs just $1.99. That's a bargain since this calendar app is far more advanced than the stock iPhone calendar app that is included with all iPhones. The most intriguing feature? You can speak into your iPhone -- saying something like "Meet Joe for lunch at 1 p.m. on Wednesday -- and the app will automatically convert that into a calendar listing. That's a true time-saving device.

A more powerful scheduler

The Schedule Planner app is free. That's fantastic. It's also simple to use, allowing you to quickly plan out your day. As Business News Daily reports, you can even color-code tasks according to their category. For example, you can color work activities blue and free-time activities red. The app will then create charts that show you exactly how you're spending you're time. Then you can make changes to become more efficient.

A higher-tech to-do list

Sure, we all rely on to-do lists to get things done. But the old-fashioned paper-and-pen lists are limiting. The free app, though, supplies a much-needed update to the lowly paper to-do list. This app allows users to assign tasks to specific categories: today, tomorrow, this week or the far-off someday.

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