Are there too few women in technology?

Here's a complicated question: Why are there so few women making a living in the technology fields? It's a question that NPR asked recently in its All Tech Considered blog. And it's a question that people who run businesses should be asking, also. It's no myth that women are not adequately represented in the tech business.

Bad numbers

In its story, NPR points out a study conducted by the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Based on the study, women only make up 6 percent of the chief executives at the top 100 tech companies in the United States. That's bad. Plus there is the story by the New York Times saying that women have founded just 8 percent of the country's venture-backed technology startups.

A dim future?

And the chances of this getting better aren't good, according to the NPR story. Men still do far better in elementary and high-school science and technology classes, NPR says. At the same time, more men pursue tech and IT majors in college. The bad news? We can't anticipate seeing an influx of women in the tech fields any time soon.


Some have argued that success in tech is merit-based: Those with smarts, good ideas and strong work ethics tend to rise to the top, they say, no matter their gender. The NPR story, though, says that this isn't always true. Studies have found instances of gender- and race-based bias in the technology fields, according to NRP. This story should inspire all business owners to take another look at their own companies. Are there women in their own IT departments?

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