Is Windows 8 on its last legs?

Is this the end of Windows 8? If recent stories in the tech media are to be believed, the much-maligned Windows operating system might be coming to an end. InfoWorld writer Woody Leonhard recently took a look at the rumors. If what he's found is true, Windows 8 might soon be replaced by a trio of new offerings.


As Leonhard writes, most of the rumors spring from Microsoft's supposed Threshold program. This is supposed to be the company's next round of Windows updates. As Leonhard writes, the updates are meant to improve Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox systems. According to the rumor mill, Threshold will enable users to perform activities across all of these platforms.

What’s coming

Leonard quotes tech site ZDNet, which claims that Microsoft will develop three main versions of Windows. This includes a more modern Metro consumer system, a traditional consumer version and a traditional Enterprise -- or business-centered -- version. The goal, of course, is that all these versions will perform better than does Windows 8.

An updated Windows 7?

Here's the hope expressed by Leonhard: The next version of Windows, whatever it is eventually called, will function as an updated version of Windows 7. Most computer users really liked Windows 7, and why not? It was clean, effective and easy to work with. Windows 8, on the other hand, is frustrating and features a steep learning curve. A boosted Windows 7, though? That could be the best Windows news to come about in years.

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