Bad press notwithstanding, Windows still top OS

Microsoft has taken its share of hits lately about Windows 8, the most recent version of its long-running Windows operating system. However, there’s something a lot of critics are leaving out on the subject of this much-maligned operating system: Despite its flaws, it works pretty well. PC World writer Brad Chacos answered this in a recent feature story. The story highlights why Windows 8, inspite of its bad press, might actually be the best desktop operating system now available. Is Chacos right? Consider these arguments in support of Windows 8.

The Offerings

Chacos’ most powerful argument in favor of Windows 8? The incredible volume of software and programs that come with the operating system. As Chacos writes, no other operating system comes with the depth and breadth of programs that Windows 8 operates. In reality, the operating system offers such a variety of programs you probably won’t even use many, if not most, of them.


As Chacos writes, Apple’s iCloud gets a lot of adoration. But Window 8′s syncing capabilities are actually more powerful. According to PC World, you need only an online Microsoft account to sync a host of items to any Windows 8 computer. This consists of files, photos, videos, browser settings, desktop preferences and app settings. Chacos writes that no other operating system has syncing capabilities that can even hope to rival what Windows 8 offers.

The Browser

It’s nearly as much fun to complain about Internet Explorer as it is to bash Windows 8. But Chacos shows that Explorer has actually become a nifty browser in recent years, spurred on, perhaps, by Firefox. Today, the browser is both simple to use and customize. In addition, Internet Explorer actually ranks as one of the most secure browsers according to computer-security company Symantec, another reason why Explorer doesn’t merit its bad rap.

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