Invest in these peripherals, not a new machine, to get the most of Windows 8

Windows 8 represents a dramatic change for Microsoft’s venerable operating system: It’s created to work not only with keyboard and mouse but also with a touchscreen. But many users who upgrade to the new operating system aren’t going to be running Windows 8 with a touch screen. They will be relying on older computers that operate the old-fashioned way, with mouse and keyboard controls. And then there are tablet users, users running Windows 8 only on tablets are not receiving the full Windows 8 experience. There are some functions that run better with mouse and keyboard control. That does not mean, though, that people who rely either on tablets or traditional computers won’t be able to benefit from the many features included in the new operating system. They can. They just need to purchase the right peripherals. PC Magazine recently ran an article outlining just what these peripherals are.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

PC Magazine points out the Microsoft Wedge is not merely a portable keyboard. Additionally, it is an essential tool to allow tablet users to get the most of the Windows 8 experience. To begin with, the keyboard provides a better typing experience than your tablet’s onscreen keyboard. Secondly, Windows 8 features are included in the keypad. Even the cover becomes a tablet stand, enabling you to approximate the desktop experience.

Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

Want to access those touch-screen features incorporated into Windows 8 without needing to buy a tablet or other touch-screen device? Try the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad. The item works so well the editors at PC Mag have made it their top choice for Windows 8 computer mice.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace

It looks like a USB flash drive, but the Kingston DataTraveler Workspace actually contains Windows To Go, a portable and bootable form of Windows 8. Which means you are able to bring the Windows 8 operating system — or at least the portable form of it — to the PC of your choosing. Best news? It possesses a reputation for being secure.

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