Managed Print Services (MPS) aligns with IT Business Strategies

Often is seems that access to information quickly is important. Outdated technologies make this more difficult. The question to ask yourself is, do your customers understand the flow and creation of documents? Document output is a big part of a good document management strategy. Managed Print Services is a good way to begin to put a managed program around documents. Managed Print Service programs can help enable the natural adaptation of managing documents. MPS starts with a focus on managing print output and hardware which enables better control at a reduced cost of document production.

Common unmanaged print symptoms are:

  1. Too much equipment for the volume of pages causes low ROI. A common device to user ratio is 5 or less employees per device.
  2. Old equipment is expensive; it has higher costs for supplies and maintenance and is extremely expensive when it breaks. Older devices were designed to print fewer pages, support fewer users and do not have the most available features.
  3. Too many models and vendors make it extremely difficult and time consuming to support the environment and complicate ordering supplies and service.
  4. You have no idea on how many devices or how many pages are printed by each employee, or what is being printed.
  5. Are environmentally wasteful. Many print jobs get printed and never picked up; many are printed, scanned and thrown away; and older devices waste electricity (energy).

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