OnKloud Service Outage

Hurricane Sandy has knocked out power for many businesses and residence. At approximatly Noon on 10/29/2012, the data center we use to house our servers went to generator power after grid power became unavailable.

At approximatly 2:20pm on 10/30/2012 our data center experienced a power outage lasting 3o minutes. This was caused by a faulty transformer which blew during the swtich from generator power back to grid power.

The power outage was long enough to drain the battery units for our servers causing them to hard shutdown. Power was restored quickly thereafter.

Present server state as of 4:41pm is servers are currently running disk checks to verify data integrity.

Present power state as of 4:41pm is transformer is being repaired as DC continues to run on generator power.

Please stand by for further updates.

Kloud9 NOC


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