Making your Facebook Experience more Efficient

Facebook is an excellent way to waste time. Don’t want to read that business report? Why not go to your Facebook page? Not in the mood to put the finishing touches on that PowerPoint presentation? Now’s a great time to post regarding your upcoming vacation to Disney. But as good as you might be at procrastinating with Facebook, chances are good that the following three tips can improve your time-wasting skills.

Filtering Friends

You know that Facebook friend – the one who is invariably posting about the minutia of what they’re eating or which reality TV show they’re watching. Despite the fact that they spend time muddling your Facebook news feed with the trivial, you want to stay their Facebook friend. Do not fear, as there is a remedy.

Facebook allows you to restrict your news feed to things that you want to read. All you need to do is find an update from this prolific Facebook friend, click the arrow which will appear any time you hover over that update with your cursor, then choose to “unsubscribe from status updates” in the menu that will appear.

Extending Messages, not Friendships

There is yet another way that you can send a message to folks on Facebook, even though they are not already your Facebook friend. This is dependent on if they have allowed it in their settings – if they have, then you can do this directly from their Facebook profile page. Just navigate to their page and click the “Message” button on the upper-right hand corner.

Also, if you feel like you’re always on Facebook to chat with your friends, there is a solution that doesn’t even require being logged into Facebook! For example, if you have a Windows Live profile, you can integrate it with your Facebook account. This integration is also available from Yahoo messenger. Perform a simple search through Facebook’s documentation to discover how this can be done.

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