Hire the Best Employees by Changing your Interview Strategy

These days, whenever you post an open position on the Internet, hundreds of people respond. Many of these people are eligible candidates for the position, so you call them in for an interview. But how do you dig through them and find the truly impressive and enthusiastic people? Since the interview is fundamentally all you can go on, your interview questions are very important.

If you hold the standard job interview, asking the same tedious questions, chances are you won’t be able to tell the top candidates from the so-so ones. That’s why it is critical to craft a unique job interview strategy.

Ask the Right Questions

A common approach to the job interview is to inquire about past positions the individual held. What their obligations were, etc. These are not the most effective questions as you only end up receiving information that may be easily read from their resume. This doesn’t help you much if you’re looking for specific attributes. Think about asking them how they improved their positions, were there any processes that they changed, or ways that they saved their company money.

Another prevalent interview question is to ask about the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Most of us have a canned response to this, as they know it will likely be asked in an interview. Instead ask them to tell you the things they add to the culture of a company, what do they do in nerve-racking situations, or what are some ways they keep themselves satisfied at their jobs. These answers will clue you in to the disposition of the person you are interviewing, and if they will fit in with your company and the position.

If you truly are interested in which of your candidates are the most innovative, give them a simple task to complete. It does not have to be intricate; you can ask them to write an essay describing how they would approach their job if hired. You could ask them to write down their ideas on what their perfect workspace would look like. Ask them to come up with new names for company services or products. Essentially, ask them anything that will get their creative juices flowing.

Today’s job market is such that it’s probable that many skilled people will apply to your open position. So, in order to sift through these applicants and find the most creative and inventive individuals, change your interview tactics to hone in on these traits.

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