FNF Breach & Why It Highlights the
Need For Cyber Insurance and
Heightened Protections

About The Webinar

Trent Milliron, Founder & CEO, Kloud9 IT and best-selling author of “Cyberstorm” and Joseph Brunsman, Founder & CEO Brunsman Advisory Group discuss the Fidelity National Financial Cyberattack Breach and Why It Highlights the Need for Cyber Insurance and Heightened Protections.

  • How has this breach caused an impact to the business community?
  • How it highlights the unrelenting attacks on businesses as a whole?
  • How in general businesses have not embraced a cyber security first strategy in their operations?

About The Webinar

Trent Milliron CEO
KLOUD9 Technology That Works

Joseph Brunsman CEO
Brunsman Advisory Group

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