Definition of Statement of Work (SOW) Users

Often there is miscommunication over what qualifies as a billed User under Kloud9's SOW as well as responsibilities of how user changes are made. This section clarifies that.

Billed User Qualifications:
Active Users under Kloud9's Statement of Work are computer system/network/cloud/application logins from the company computer system directory (Example: Active Directory or Azure Active Directory) used by humans including shared logins. This excludes System Service logins (logins used by computer systems for integrations), and Administrator logins used only for elevation of privileges.

"Email Only" Users are contractors or vendors who have no access to internal systems but need an email address. These Users are designated by having no access to systems and also having a email only mailbox license type.

Should a client not have a company computer system directory, users will be based on the contract amounts at initial signing only, until a directory is established. Should Kloud9 lose access to a client's company computer system directory, SOW unit counts will be based on the contract amounts at initial signing only.

User designations and types are at the sole discretion of Kloud9.

Changes to Billed Users:
As no one has the ability to know who is hired or fired within a client company, nor to clean up a client's User list without their input. It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide updates to active and inactive users as they happen, as well as to ask for and manage their total user lists as needed. User changes will only be accepted in writing through the ticketing system so as changes are tracked. No credits will be given to User change requests made outside of the ticketing system, nor for Users in which the client did not specifically ask they be disabled or removed in a prior ticket.

User change requests in which data must be moved between two or more profiles are considered IT projects and are subject to our normal IT project timelines. During the project all Active Users involved in the data migration will continue to be billed for until the project completion and the disabling or removal of the users requested. Like all projects, the time to competition will depend upon client participation and technical feasibility in addition to the services provided by Kloud9.

Outside of the Excluded User designations and types, moving a Billed User from Active to Disabled or Permanently Removing them in the Company Directory is the sole way to remove them from billing.

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