CMMC Pre-Assessment

Verify your new cybersecurity solutions and policies before the final CMMC Assessment

Our CMMC Pre-Assessment is a mock assessment to verify if your organization is ready for Certification. . After the initial CMMC Gap Assessment, the implementation of the identified solutions and policies, and the preparation of documentation to reach the desired CMMC Level, this Pre-Assessment is the penultimate phase of your CMMC journey.

How does the CMMC Pre-Assessment work?

Our CMMC compliance experts will visit your workplace to perform a mock audit of your cybersecurity, physical security, policies, and documentation. This process will take several days, and it includes processes that verify your cybersecurity solutions as well as prove the maturity of your CMMC implementation.

Once the Pre-Assessment is complete, we will create a report that includes details about your compliance status. If applicable, it will also provide advice on how to fix areas that may cause your organization to fail the certification assessment and other recommendations to ensure a smooth final CMMC assessment.

Not sure where to begin your CMMC journey?
Learn more about it in our CMMC Quick Overview

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