CMMC Gap Assessment

We’ll pinpoint the deficiencies in your cybersecurity solutions with our CMMC Gap Assessment

Your organization’s current level of cybersecurity compliance needs to be assessed so that you will have a clear picture of where you stand in terms of CMMC. This is crucial for filling the gaps and adding the right solutions so you can strengthen your cybersecurity posture and reach CMMC standards.

Our CMMC Gap Assessment sets up the rest of the compliance process perfectly as we thoroughly test every aspect of your cybersecurity. We’ll find out where the differences lie between your current cybersecurity posture and what is deemed necessary to reach the CMMC Level you want to achieve.

What is our CMMC Gap Assessment like?

Our cybersecurity specialists will be onsite at your workplace to interview key managers and analyze your existing cybersecurity posture, which includes physical security measures. After this onsite visit, you will receive a CMMC Gap Assessment report where we detail the findings of the interviews and investigations.

This report will give you clarity on where you currently stand and highlight areas that need immediate attention before a certification audit. We will also provide you with cybersecurity best practices and recommendations for what your organization needs to implement.

The results of this gap analysis will act as a foundational element of your CMMC remediation plan. To implement the solutions in this plan, develop policies and documentation, pick suitable controls, and to ultimately become compliant with any of the three CMMC levels, please see our CMMC Consulting Service.

Not sure where to begin your CMMC journey?
Learn more about it in our CMMC Quick Overview.

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