October 6th Update Regarding Upstream Carriers

October 6th Update Regarding Upstream Carriers


Following up to our first update on the telecommunication industry’s struggle to mitigate DDoS attacks, unfortunately criminal actors are still continuing their attacks on VoIP carriers.

These attacks beginning in September have moved from carrier to carrier affecting calls for nearly everyone. Today another one of our primary carriers is a target, affecting numerous customers.

The best description of what the issue is, a video from Broadvoice:
Broadvoice DDoS

And another from OITVOIP:
Bandwidth.com And The Ongoing DDoS Attacks Against VoIP Providers - YouTube

In the news articles:
DDoS Attacks, Ransomware Target VoIP Service Providers - MSSP Alert
Bandwidth.com is latest victim of DDoS attacks against VoIP providers (bleepingcomputer.com)

Unfortunately, there is little we can do at our level for these services except to relay the updates. The attacks and the mitigations are handled at the large backbone carrier level.

My own take on the escalating attacks on US infrastructure is our government must take stronger counter measures to protect vital US infrastructure like telecommunications. These attacks are usually Nation sponsored and require Nation level responses. So far administrations have been unwilling to pull the trigger on the needed assets to do the job.

The attacks are still ongoing, and it is unclear how long they will continue and if there will be additional interruptions in the immediate future. We will update the status of this interruption on our site here KloudTel Blog and also through email.

Thank you for your partnership; please let us know if you have any questions to servicedesk@kloudtel.com .

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