b'PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID BOISE, ID PERMIT 4111455 W. 29th St.Suite 2Cleveland, OH 44113Inside This IssueEmployees Are Letting Hackers IntoYour Network . What You Can DoTo Stop It | 1If You Are Considering Cloud Computing,Get your FREE Cyber Security Tip DONT, Until Yeek | 2ou Read This | 2of the WThe Leaders Most Important Job | 3Do These Things To ProtectYour Business From Getting Hacked1. Train Employees. Your team needs toand restore that data should anythingSet Aside Time For know how to identify and handle todays IThappen. This doesnt just include data lossProper Research security threats. Cybercriminals often relyfrom malicious attacks but other types ofDont jump headfirst into on your employees lack of training to breakdisasters, including hardware failure, fire anda project without jumping into research first. into your network. Ongoing training givesflood. How is your data being backed up andInformation is a powerful tool to get things employees tools and resources to overcomesaved? Who do you notify in the event of adone efficiently and effectively. this and many other IT security challenges.breach? Who do your employees call in the Make training a top priority!event of disaster? SmallBiz Technology, Dec.Assign Accordingly Before the team 26, 2019 goes to work, make sure assignments or 2. Hold Employees (And Yourself)responsibilities are delegated properly and Accountable. Training and company4 TIPS TO GET PROJECTS DONE ONcheck in with everyone on a regular basis to guidelines dont mean much withoutTIME WITH A SMALL TEAM make sure things are going smoothly (or to accountability. When you set rules, followsee if they need help). them, just as you follow industry andGive Them The Tools And Resourcesgovernment rules and regulations whenThey NeedWe all need tools to getPlan And Plan Again Plan out the project operating your business. Be willing to holdthings doneproject management software,before you set to work. Give yourself and anyone who does not accountable. content creation tools, messaging apps,your team a map to follow as you work virtual private network access and more.through the project. As with any project, 3. Have A Disaster Recovery Plan. ThingsHave a conversation about what each teamexpect obstacles along the way and be happen. When you store sensitive data,member needs to maximize productivity andwilling to update your map accordingly. you need to have a plan in place to recoverwork closely with them to meet that need.Small Business Trends, July 4, 2020Technology That Works!216-393-24844'