b'The Tech Cumulus October 2020SHINY NEW GADGET OFThe Leaders Most Important JobTHE MONTHOvo Portable Steam IronCan you guess what the most important trait And Garment Steameris for effective leaders? You can probably The Ovo Portable Steam Iron And Garmentguess all sorts of things: relationship building, Steamer is much smaller than your averagecommunication, awareness, positivity, iron and yet capable of so much more.innovationThe list goes on. And you Its an iron and a steamer and the perfectprobably do a lot of those things too.companion for when youre traveling and want to lookWhen I speak with leaders, I emphasize that a sharp. Or keep the Ovo atpersons success as a leader doesnt come fromand expertise into their team, the team grows. home to save space!what they do or how they do itits about howWhen time and expertise are invested wisely, often they do these important things. the organization also achieves great success. The Ovo fits easily in yourBy putting the time and expertise into your hand. Its lightweight andThe Most Important Thing For Leaders:team members, you can motivate them to wont take up much spaceFocus Your Team improve in their roles.in your luggage. Plus, it holds enough water to create up to 10 minutes of steam. You can quickly switchA leaders most important job is taking the time3.Focus This goes hand in hand with from the metal ironing plate to the brushand effort to focus their team. Leaders musttime and expertise. By focusing on the attachment to add finishing touches tohelp their team members focus their time andstrengths (and weaknesses) of a team and delicate fabrics (and remove any lint or petexpertise to complete the organizations mostlearning how to constantly improve and grow, an hair). It even comes with a heat-resistantimportant work.organization can produce positive results. When travel case. Learn more about this mini- a leader doesnt have this focus, the organization marvel at bit.ly/2CgQzJG! The most successful businesses are drivensuffers. Mediocrity becomes the norm. by profit, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness. A great deal of time and expertise is wasted in Do Smartphonecompanies where employees are doing low-Your teams revenue and results are all drivenpriority work or work that shouldnt be done at Apps Listen To Yourby how people spend their time (effort) andall. When a team lacks an effective leader, it is Conversations? expertise (knowledge and skills), and these aredifficult for them to know what they should be the keys to elevating your teams success. Bydoing instead.doing these things and being a role model for Weve all seen this: youyour team, you can experience amazing results. When a leader takes the time to show their scroll down Facebook orteam the importance of their work and how Google search resultsHow To Elevate Your Team their work will achieve success, the whole and see an ad for aorganization grows. This commitment is restaurant or product1.Passion Creating a vision requireswhat creates remarkable performances. You you were just talkingpassion. This passion elevates your owncan learn more about this in my book The about the other day.commitment and helps both you and your teamEncore Effect: How To Achieve Remarkable How can this be? Wasbe productive. Its unlikely that a leader will bePerformance In Anything You Do.your phone spying onfully immersed in their role, their organization or you? According to Consumertheir team if they are not passionate about whatAt the end of the day, its most important for Reports, not exactly.they are doing. leaders to regularly take the time to focus on and elevate their team. Just as a conductor Instead, what youre seeing is a personalized2.Time, Expertise And Motivationmakes sure members of an orchestra are all ad created by your search habits. Google,Everything is the by-product of timeplaying the right music to the best of their Facebook and others collect data as youand expertise. When a leader invests both timeability, so does an effective leader do their job.enter search terms and click on various results or other ads. They know you, and as a result, you are likely to see ads regardingMark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is the President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio that seeks to motivate and develop leaders in and outside of business. Hes the best-selling author things you just talked about last week. Theof books like Fred Factor and The Potential Principle and a noted expert on leadership, team best way to get around this is to turn off appbuilding, customer service and company change. He holds the Certified Speaking Professional permission, browse in incognito mode ordesignation from the National Speakers Association and is a member of the Speaker Hall of uninstall intrusive apps.Fame. Check out any of his excellent books, his video series Team Building: How To Motivate And Manage People or his website, marksanborn.com, to learn more.Technology That Works!216-393-24843'