b'216-393-2484Nine Lies About Workby Marcus Buckingham and Ashley GoodallWe all believe certain things about work and the way we run our businesses. But as authors Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall point out, not everything is as it seems. In Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leaders Guide To The Real World, they break down nine liesEmployees Are Letting Hackerswe tell ourselves or have been told. One example: the best plan wins. Good plans can get good results, butInto Your Network .the best plans can still fail. In the real world, there are countless obstacles or variablesWhat You Can Do To Stop Itthat can derail our best-laid plans. The authors discuss how to overcome this lieCyberthreats are everywhere these days.sit back while your employees wreak havoc. and others. Change your perspective withHackers, scammers and cybercriminals areThe worst part is that your employees may not Nine Lies About Work. working overtime to break into your network even realize that their actions are compromising and the network of just about every businessyour network. And thats a problem. October 2020 out there. They have a huge arsenal of tools atEven if you have other forms of network their disposal, from automated bots to malicious advertising networks, to make it possible. security in placemalware protection, firewalls, secure cloud backup, etc.it wont But there is one tool that you may be puttingbe enough if your employees lack good IT This monthlydirectly into their hands: your employees.security training. In fact, a lack of training is publicationSpecifically, your employees lack of ITthe single biggest threat to your network! provided courtesysecurity training.of Trent Milliron,Its time to do something about it. CEO of Kloud9 IT. While most of us expect hackers to attackComprehensive network security training from the outside using malware or brute-forceaccomplishes several things, including:attacks (hacking, in a more traditional sense), the truth is that most hackers love it when they1.Identifying Phishing E-Mails Phishing can get others to do their work for them.e-mails are constantly evolving. It used "Do It Right Theto be that the average phishing e-mail included In other words, if they can fool youra message littered with bad grammar and First Time" employees into clicking on a link in an e-mailmisspelled words. Plus, it was generally from or downloading unapproved software onto asomeone youd never heard of.company device, all the hackers have to do is Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'