b'The Tech Cumulus April 2020SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH AnticipatingNexOptic DoubleTake BinocularsBinocular technology has remained the sameCustomer Needsfor a long timeand for good reason! It works well. But now, one company has decided to bring binocular optics into the 21st century and give it a technological makeover. What is the best way to create a loyal customer base and, therefore, a more profitable business?NexOptics DoubleTake blends binoculars with common smartphone technology.Anticipate Customer Needs.With 10x digital zoom and a wide field lens, DoubleTake delivers outstanding 4K video andAnticipating needs is the best way to let your high-resolution photos. Plus, its packed withcustomers know that their success is your a powerful imaging processor to ensure yourpriority. When you deliver something customers videos and photos look fantastic every time,need without asking, you create a sense of ease and its compact size makes it ideal for travel. and let them know you have their best interests in mindits a proverbial I have your back.DoubleTakes battery provides three hours of continuous use, meaning itThe most effective way to anticipate will last most people several days orthe needs of your customers is to more before the next charge. Imagesknow them well. How else will youassume their e-mails will go into a black hole, are saved to an onboard memory cardknow what their expectations are?never to be answered. Not only do I answer, but and can be sent over WiFi to your phoneYou have to create a relationship withI also include a ton of resources that basically or other device for easy sharing or personalthem to identify what their demandsequal free coaching. There is an FAQ, links to use. Learn more at NexOptic.com/doubletake. are and fulfill them before they even knowmy Entrepreneurship Elevated podcast, links what they wanted. So, how do you go aboutto find a Profit First Professional and become this? Here are just a few examples. a Profit First Professional, links to Clockwork Are Browser Establish A Relationship. resources, links to Pumpkin Plan resourcesYou get my drift. And while it could be Extensions Safe? interpreted as marketing, anyone who knows In most of my books, I have a call to action. I askme knows I am out to empower others and Browser extensions let you customizereaders to e-mail me to make their commitmenthelp their businesses become more profitable. your Internet experience. You can findto improving their businesses. Developing thisI often get e-mails from readers who are extensions to help with productivity or blockdialogue with readers is an act of accountabilitypleasantly surprisedthey are getting answers ads. But how do you know if an extension ison both of our parts. Moreover, it is a big leap ofto questions before they even knew they had safe or not? Thankfully, there are red flags youfaith for some, and I am honored they trust me.them. See? Anticipating needs!can look for. Here are two common examples. They tell me why they are committed, and I let them know I am here and interested in helpingAsk For Feedback.Permission Pop-Upsthem succeed. My hope is that they feel less After downloading a new extension, you mayalone in their struggles as business owners andI often request reviews of my books. Is this see a pop-up asking to access your browsingmore motivated to make the necessary changesbecause I want to hear how great they are? activity or something similar. While mostthey need for a successful business. No. I ask for reviews because I want honest extensions dont have malicious intent (theyfeedback. How the heck else will I know what arent going to sell your data), others might. IfExceed Expectations. to write next? How will I know what problems you arent comfortable with this, you can denyneed solving and what business solutions permission or uninstall the extension. The responses from readers when theyentrepreneurs are seeking if I dont ask? Getting receive e-mails or videos from me has beenreviews enables me to focus on the key areas An Extensions Legitimacy overwhelmingly positive. It seems that mostwhere business owners are trying to improve.There are a lot of copycats out therescummy developers use icons or namesMIKE MICHALOWICZ (pronounced mi-KAL-o-wits) started his first business at the age of 24, moving similar to popular extensions and hopehis young family to the only safe place he could afforda retirement building. With no experience, no people download them by mistake. Read allcontacts and no savings, he systematically bootstrapped a multimillion-dollar business. Then he did it the details on the extension download pageagain. And again. Now he is doing it for other entrepreneurs. Mike is the CEO of Provendus Group. He is also a former small-business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; MSNBCs business makeover and verify that the developer (or offered by)expert; a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship; and the author of the cult classic book The Toilet Paper name is correct. Entrepreneur. His newest book, The Pumpkin Plan, has already been called the next E-Myth! For more information, visit MikeMichalowicz.com.Technology That Works!216-393-24843'