b'The Tech Cumulus April 2020. continued from CoverBut dont put the training solely on your shoulders. Work closely with a company that specializes in IT security. Doing it yourself can be stressful and time-consuming. An experienced IT firm is going to come in with all the education and resources you need to successfully train everyone in your organization on cyberthreats targeting your business today.Its all about utilizing systems you already haveOn top of that, you should have a policy in in place to keep your team informed and thisplace that prevents employees from installing The #1 threat toimportant topic at the forefront. unverified software, which includes apps and app extensions (such as browser extensions), any businesssEmphasize Safe Internet Usage Habits. without permission. And one more thingstress safe Internet usage habits not just IT security is itsThis should supplement regular training.in the workplace but at home as well. This Employees should always know the bestis especially critical if your employees are employees. practices when it comes to using the Internet,bringing in their own devices. If thats the e-mail or anything else that brings them incase, you should absolutely have a bring your contact with the World Wide Web. Part of itown device (BYOD) security policy in place. involves keeping the lines of communicationIts just another wall between your business Keep Cyber Security Top Of Mind. open. If an employee sees something out of theand potential threats.ordinary come into their inbox, encourage them While you may have training or educationalto bring it to the teams attentionwhetherHow do you get all this started? Good sessions once a quarter or biannually (regulartheyre telling their direct supervisor, managerquestion! It all starts with reaching out. sessions are recommended), you still need toor you. The easier the communication betweenIf youre ready to lock down your keep IT security in the minds of your employeeseveryone on your team, the easier it is tobusiness and youre serious about on a weekly basis. During weekly meetings, foridentify and stop attacks. educating your employees and example, talk about a cyber security topic. Or,turning them into your best if you share news or links with your employeesThe goal is to eliminate guesswork. If andefense, we can help. The best in a weekly, company-wide e-mail, for example,employee isnt sure about an e-mail, theyIT security youve ever had is include a cyber security story or tips article.should be trained to ask questions and verify.one phone call away.I DIDNT KNOWUnfortunately, That Excuse Doesnt Replenish Your Bank Account, Cartoon Of Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.Its coming . The Month That day a hacker steals critical data, rendering your office useless . That day whenyour bank account or credit card is compromised . Or that day whenyour customers private lives are uprooted .Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life. The ONLY way to STOP THEM is this:You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How To Protect Whats Yours!Now, for a limited time, we have the perfect way to help reduce your risk and keep you safe! Simply sign up to receive our FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week. Well send these byte-sized quick-read tips to your e-mail inbox. Every tip is packed with a unique and up-to-date real-world solution that keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys. And because so few people know about these security secrets, every week youll learn something new!Get your FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Weekat www.Kloud9IT.com/weeklysecuritytipTechnology That Works!216-393-24842'