b'216-393-2484Designed For Digital: How To Architect Your Business For Sustained Success By Cynthia Beath, Jeanne Ross AndMartin MockerDigital is the reality of businesses today. More businesses have embraced a digital way of thinking in order to adapt. Designed For Digital: How To Architect Your Business For Sustained Success, by Cynthia M. Beath, Jeanne W. Ross and Martin Mocker, is a guide to help businesses get their footing in the digital world and not get lost in all the noise. The authors discuss several major elements of success, including: Understanding changing customer trends in a digital contextUsing digital technologies to improve systems and processesExpanding offerings to customers through digital platformsYour #1 Threat Of Being But in addition to that, they get into how businesses can use these elements. TheyHacked Is INSIDE Yourlean on five years of research and case studies to bring it all together. It offersOwn Organizationvaluable insight for every business. April 2020 Small businesses are the biggest targets ofHere are three things you can do to turn your hackers and cybercriminals. They are targetedemployees from your biggest IT threat to your because they are less likely to have strongorbiggest IT asset:anysecurity in place. But in so many cases, This monthlyhackers dont need to use malicious code orEstablish Regular Cyber Security Training.publicationcracking skills to get what they want. Instead, provided courtesythey rely on your biggest vulnerability: your First and foremost, get everyone in your of Trent Milliron,own employees. business trained up on IT security. Wesley CEO of Kloud9 IT. Simpson, the chief operating officer of (ISC) 2 , The #1 threat to any businesss IT security is itsan international cyber security certification employees. It all stems from a lack of training.group, suggests thinking about IT education Employees dont know how to spot threats, oras people patching. Just as you continually they dont know not to click unverified links inupdate and patch your software and security, their e-mails. Most of the time, these actionsongoing education serves to update, or patch, "Do It Right Theare simple mistakesbut mistakes arentyour employees. He says, If you dont get First Time" excuses and can result in MAJOR costs to your people patched continually, youre always your business. going to have vulnerabilities.Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-2484 1'