b'216-393-2484Permission To Screw UpBy Kristen HadeedMany business books only focus on the positives of what worked for the author, but they often dont mention their failures and mistakes. Every entrepreneur and business owner has made a mistake at some point while running a businessand its through those mistakes that they learn some valuable lessons. Permission To Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed looks at Hadeeds own experiences as she built her cleaning company, Student Maid. Hadeed combines stories with impactful lessons to prove to her readers that nobody is perfect, and failure is often necessary for growth and success. If you feel like youre continually coming across obstacles as you run your business, this book is for you. Do I Need To Upgrade My Network?November 2022 4 Amazing Benefits Youll ExperienceA business owner has many responsibilitiesto keep up with all of the advancements within their business. They can be so busyand traffic growth. They can even open your This monthlythat sometimes things are overlooked for anbusiness up to a cyber-attack.publicationextended period of time. For example, many provided courtesybusiness owners may forget to upgrade theirYour network infrastructure should be upgraded of Trent Milliron,network infrastructure. In actuality, upgradingevery few years for many reasons. If your CEO of Kloud9 IT. your network is extremely importantand itbusiness has grown consistently over the last is one of the smartest things you can do as afew years and your current network cant keep business owner. up with your business needs, it may be time to upgrade. If youre continually running into issues Technology has rapidly advanced over thewith your current network, an upgrade will help. "Do It Right Thepast few years, and network traffic continuesSome industries may even be legally obligated to grow. If youre still using the same networkto upgrade their network in order to keep their First Time" from even five years ago, youve probablycustomer or client information secure.noticed your network speed has decreased dramatically. In fact, old networks struggleContinued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'