b'The Tech Cumulus May 2021SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH Lead Like Your Life Depends On ItThe Pocket Translator: MUAMA ENENCE Great leaders are like drug addicts. Heres It used to be science fiction, but not anymore!what I mean by that: in my journey from Now, you can translate languages on thebeing a homeless drug addict with no college go! The Muama Enence is the device thatdegree to becoming a successful leader, makes it possible. This handheld listenerI have learned that the leaders who are is capable of real-time translation of over 36supposedly great, today and of the past, look common languages from around the globe.like addicts in active addictionthey are Smaller than a smartphone, the Muamafixing, managing and controlling perception to Enence breaks language barriers and makesget what they want. travel easier than ever before, whether youre traveling forI look at the great leaders emerging today,4.Holding Back Your Unique Perspective business or for vacation. and those who will surface tomorrow, and I(You Dont Speak Up When You Could/see people who will lead in a fundamentallyShould)The Muama Enence isdifferent waythey will look like addicts in super-easy to use andrecovery. But theres more to it than that.You can learn more about the mask thats ultra-portable. All you needConsider the following questions:holding you back at MaskFreeProgram.com. to do is press a button,This is a free, five-minute assessment that will and it does the rest. Plus,In the last 30 days, have you said yes togive you a clearer picture about which mask is with excellent audio quality,something you could say no to?holding you back. But more than that, it also youll be able to hear thegives you an authenticity ratingto help you translation, even when thingsIn the last 30 days, have you hit adetermine how authentic you are.get busy around you. Learn more weakness?and get your ownat bit.ly/37hhn8R. What does authenticity have to do with masks? In the last 30 days, have you avoided aWhen youre wearing a mask, you are not difficult conversation? being authenticyour true self. This rating tells Should You Be Using a VPN?you how close you are to being your true self. In the last 30 days, have you held back If you arent already using ayour unique perspective? So, how do you remove the mask? How do VPN, or virtual privateyou become more authentic? Mask recovery network, youveAs leaders, we perform these actions all thecomes down to three principles: probably beentime. I call them our masks because were wondering if youhiding our true selves behind our actions.1.Practice Rigorous AuthenticityBe true should. If youto yourself all the time, no matter the cost.care about yourLeaders teach others that they need to data security (andhide their vulnerabilities, imperfections or2.Surrender The OutcomeLeaders are personal security),weaknesses in order to be successful. To puttaught to obsess over outcomes; focus on then the answer is yes! on a mask. I want to talk about taking off thewhat you can control. mask (pandemic aside!), but this isnt about VPNs offer an extra layer ofany physical mask. It starts by identifying3.Do Uncomfortable WorkWith this protection when you access thewhat mask is holding you back. These areemotional work, we need to take action Internetwherever you access the Internet.thefourmasks: that is good for us (saying no, having They work by encrypting your data, whichdifficult conversations). helps to keep prying eyes out. VPNs are a1.Saying Yes When You Could Say No must-have for anyone working remotely,When you focus on these three principles, you traveling or for those who simply want2.Hiding A Weaknessbecome more authentic. You are able to grow additional data security.and become the leader for the futurelike an 3.Avoiding Difficult Conversationsaddict in recovery. The bottom line is that a VPN gives you more control over your network. Examples of VPNs include NordVPN, ExpressVPN andMichael Brody-Waite is a recovered drug addict who has since become a three-time CEO ProtonVPNthough there are many moreand TEDx speaker (with over 1.5 million views). Hes held a leadership role at a Fortune 50 company, hes the founder of an Inc. 500 company, hes led a nonprofit and hes the to choose from. Its all about finding the oneauthor of Lead Like Your Life Depends On It: Why In A Pandemic Great Leaders Lead that best suits your needs.Like Drug Addicts. Technology That Works!216-393-24843'