b'216-393-2484Think Again By Adam GrantThink Again: The Power Of Knowing What You Dont Know by Adam Grant arrives at a time when things are changing fast. Over the last year, weve had to learn to adaptor get left behind. In Think Again, Grant walks readers through different ways of seeing things. For instance, he discusses the art of being wrong and how we can be better at it. Or how we can be better (or different) problem-solvers and criticalHow To Make Cyber Security An thinkers. Think Again is for readers who are looking to be challenged to have an openIngrained Part Of Your Company Culturemind in regard to new ideasbecause thats how we grow! Your employees are your first line of defensecyber security industry, but it can boil down May 2021 when it comes to protecting your business fromto presentation. That isnt to say you need cyberthreats. Human error is the single biggestto make cyber security fun, but make it vulnerability to cyber-attacks. It comes down tointeresting or engaging. It should be accessible someone falling for a phishing scam, clickingand a normal part of the workday. an unknown link or downloading a file without This monthlyrealizing that its malicious.Bring It Home For Your Team. One of the publicationreasons why people are often disconnected provided courtesyBecause your team is so critical to protectingfrom topics related to cyber security is simply of Trent Milliron,your business from cyberthreats, its just asbecause they dont have firsthand experience CEO of Kloud9 IT. critical to keep your team informed and onwith it. This is also one reason why many small top of todays dangers. One way to do thatbusinesses dont invest in cyber security in is to weave cyber security into your existingthe first placeit hasnt happened to them, so company culture.they dont think it will. Following that logic, why invest in it at all?"Do It Right TheHow Do You Do That? The thing is that it will eventually happen. Its First Time" For many employees, cyber security is rarelynever a question of if, but when. Cyberthreats an engaging topic. In truth, it can be dry atare more common than ever. Of course, this times, especially for people outside of theContinued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'