b'The Tech Cumulus March 2020. continued from Cover2. Not deleting cookies Cookies are digitalalso use ad-blocking extensions, like uBlockProtect yourself with a dedicated password trackers. They are used to save website settingsOrigin, for a safe web-browsing experience. manager! These apps keep passwords in and to track your behavior. For example, if youone place and come with serious security. click a product, cookies are logged in your3. Not checking for HTTPS Most of us knowPassword managers can also suggest new browser and shared with ad networks. ThisHTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol. Its a partpasswords when its time to update old allows for targeted advertising. Theres no goodof every web address. However, most websitespasswords (and they remind you to change way to tell who is tracking online. But you cannow use HTTPS, with the S meaning secure.your passwords!). LastPass, 1Password and use more secure web browsers, like Firefox andMost browsers now automatically open HTTPSKeeper Security Password Manager are good Safari. These browsers make it easy to controlwebsites, giving you a more secure connection,options. Find one that suits your needs and who is tracking you. but not all sites use it. the needs of your business.In Firefox, for example, click the three linesIf you visit an unsecured HTTP website, any5. You believe it will never happen to you in the upper right corner, go into the Optionsdata you share with that site, including date ofThis is the worst mentality to have when it menu and set your Privacy & Securitybirth or financial information, is not secure. Youcomes to cyber security. It means you arent preferences. Plus, every web browser has thedont know if your private data will end up inprepared for what can happen. Business option to delete cookieswhich you should dothe hands of a third party, whether that be anowners who think hackers wont target them constantly. In Chrome, simply click History, thenadvertiser (most common) or a hacker. Alwaysare MORE likely to get hit with a data breach choose Clear Browsing Data. Done. You canlook in the address bar of every site you visit.or malware attack. If they think they are in Look for the padlock icon. If the padlock isthe clear, they are less likely to invest in good closed or green, youre secure. If its open orsecurity and education for their employees.red, youre not secure. You should immediately Good IT securityleave any website that isnt secure. The best thing you can do is accept that you can be the best4. Saving passwords in your web browserare at risk. All small businesses are at risk. But you can lower your risk by investing in good investment youBrowsers can save passwords at the click of anetwork security, backing up all your data to a button. Makes things easy, right? Unfortunately,secure cloud network, using strong passwords, can make for thethis method of saving passwords is not the mosteducating your team about cyberthreats and secure. If a hacker gets your saved passwords,working with a dedicated IT company. Good IT future of yourthey have everything they could ever want. Mostsecurity can be the best investment you make web browsers require a password or PIN to seefor the future of your business.business. saved passwords, but a skilled hacker can force their way past this if given the chance.I DIDNT KNOWUnfortunately, That Excuse Doesnt Replenish Your Bank Account, Cartoon Of Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.Its coming . The Month That day a hacker steals critical data, rendering your office useless . That day whenyour bank account or credit card is compromised . Or that day whenyour customers private lives are uprooted .Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life. The ONLY way to STOP THEM is this:You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How To Protect Whats Yours!Now, for a limited time, we have the perfect way to help reduce your risk and keep you safe! Simply sign up to receive our FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week. Well send these byte-sized quick-read tips to your e-mail inbox. Every tip is packed with a unique and up-to-date real-world solution that keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys. And because so few people know about these security secrets, every week youll learn something new!Get your FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Weekat https://www.kloud9it.com/weeklysecuritytipTechnology That Works!216-393-24842'