b'The Tech Cumulus February 2023. continued from CoverCustomer And Employee Outreachlosses due to a breach or decreased valuation If your business is the victim of a cyber-attackof your business caused by a cyber-attack. ItsCyber insurance and precious information is stolen, who arevital you know exactly what is covered by your some of the first people you need to contact?policy before beginning coverage. can help further Your customers and employees, of course. They need to be aware that a cyber-attackStarting a new cyber insurance policy isprotect your occurred, and their information may have beeneasier said than done. Since cyber insurance compromised. Depending on your industryhas grown in popularity, most providers havebusiness if you and location, there may be a legal obligationbecome more selective about who they cover, to inform. If you have a large customer base,meaning you have to meet some criteria tobecome the victim notifying them of a cyber security breach canqualify for a policy. The most essential thing be expensive. Cyber insurance will help coverany cyber insurance provider will look atof a cyber-attack. those costs. will be the strength of your current network security and cyber security practices. Recovering Stolen Data Ensure you utilize multifactor authenticationIf you work with third-party vendors, you It can be costly to hire a data recoverythroughout your entire business and holdmust do your due diligence and ensure they professional to recover stolen customer ortraining sessions annually with your team.meet their cyber security requirements. Doing business information, but it is necessary afterPurchase a firewall and do whatever else youthorough research on the parties you interact suffering a cyber-attack. Most cyber insurancecan to improve your security. If you dont, thewith will help you get more affordable cyber policies will pay for a professionals help. rates for your policy will be astronomical, ifinsurance rates. Additionally, it would be best you can even get one at all. if you had an incident response plan in place. Software And Hardware The insurance provider needs to know youre Repair/Replacement Suppose your business is within an industryprepared to help your customers and your Cybercriminals can wreak havoc on yourthat requires a certain level of cyber securitybusiness if disaster strikes.software and hardware. If they damage orcompliance. In that case, you should be corrupt your computers, network or programs,meeting your requirements or else you wontCyber insurance can help further protect your cyber insurance policy will help cover thequalify for a cyber insurance policy. Thisyour business if you become the victim of a cost of repair or replacement. shouldnt be an issue for your business sincecyber-attack. In todays society, where every you must be compliant regardless of yourbusiness and their customers information is Some insurance policies will also cover anyinterest in cyber insurance. Just make sure youa target for cybercriminals, make sure youre financial loss due to business interruptionlook into your compliance requirements beforeas secure as possible. Build a strong cyber caused by a cyber-attack and ransomwareapplying for a cyber insurance policy to ensuresecurity plan and apply for cyber insurance to demands. Cyber insurance will not cover youryou dont get denied coverage. get maximum protection.system upgrades, estimated future financial I DIDNT KNOWUnfortunately, That Excuse Doesnt Replenish Your Bank Account, Cartoon Of Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.Its coming . The Month That day a hacker steals critical data, rendering your office useless . That day whenyour bank account or credit card is compromised . Or that day whenyour customers private lives are uprooted .Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life. The ONLY way to STOP THEM is this:You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How To Protect Whats Yours!Now, for a limited time, we have the perfect way to help reduce your risk and keep you safe! Simply sign up to receive our FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week. Well send these byte-sized quick-read tips to your e-mail inbox. Every tip is packed with a unique and up-to-date real-world solution that keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys. And because so few people know about these security secrets, every week youll learn something new! We need to upgrade our tech help fromGet your FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week my 12-year-old nephew.at www.Kloud9IT.com/weeklysecuritytipTechnology That Works!216-393-24842'