b'216-393-2484The 10X Rule By Grant CardoneEvery entrepreneur wants nothing more than for their business to be successful and profitable, but its impossible to see success if youre not setting the proper goals. As Grant Cardone explains in his book The 10X Rule, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of setting targets that are too low. He explains that when you set low-hanging goals, youre only competing in your industry, but if you create some that are 10 times more than what you initially imagined, you can dominate. Its all about taking massive action to reach your business dreams. The 10X Rule is a fascinating read packed full of relevant tips that will help entrepreneurs find success. All entrepreneurs, business leaders and salespeople should give this book a read. Add An Extra Layer Of Cyber Security February 2023 Protection By Utilizing Cyber InsuranceEstablishing effective and efficient cyberCyber insurance (sometimes referred to as security policies is one of the most importantcyber liability insurance) is the coverage an This monthlyaspects of protecting your business. Weorganization can acquire to protect against publicationoften discuss why cyber security is solosses incurred by a data breach or other provided courtesyimportant and the different cyber securitymalicious security incidents. Cyber insurance of Trent Milliron,practices your business can implement. Wepolicies have grown exponentially in popularity CEO of Kloud9 IT. also mention how advanced cyberthreatsover the past few decades as cybercriminals and cyber-attacks have become as hackershave become more cunning. Because of this, improve their tactics and technology. For thiscyber insurance prices have also risen, so you reason, you may wonder if theres anythingmay be curious whether cyber insurance is that will cover your business if it falls victimsomething your business absolutely needs.to a cyber-attack even though you have "Do It Right Thestrong cyber security practices in place.Cyber insurance policies differ from providerThankfully, cyber insurance is available toto provider, but most will include theFirst Time" business owners who have proven they takefollowing coverages:cyber security seriously. Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'