b'The Tech Cumulus September 2022SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTHLogitech Litra Glow Questions No Leader Zoom calls have becomeShould Ever Aska part of our daily routine regardless of whether you work remotely, in the officeOver the years, I have advised many board or a combination ofmembers and CEOs of large companies the two. If youll be onon their most important leadership issues. camera every day, dontIn life, people like to think that there arent you want to look yourinherently right and wrong questions to best? Thats exactlyask, but I think thats a misconceptionhow youll look with theespecially in the world of business. Right Logitech Litra Glow light. The Litra Glowquestions are the ones that matter. They uses innovative geometry and is framelesscut to the heart of the issue and produce an to provide more light to the areas within youranswer that a leader can act on. The right cameras view. It uses soft and diffused lightquestions help leaders get results.thats easy on your eyes in case you have to be on the call for an extended period ofOn the other hand, you have wrong time. Whether youre on Zoom calls, shootingquestions. The mere act of asking these marketing videos or doing anything elsequestions can lead you down the wrong path webcam-related, the Litra Glow provides youand prevent you from achieving your full with perfect light for any situation. potential in your career. Over the years, Ive heard the wrong questions asked a multitude of times, and they can usually be grouped intogreat. And when they realize that they dont Improve Your Confidencethree distinct categories. have the team to make it happen, they start to fantasize and think, I wonder if In Your Business ByEthical Questions Fred or Amy will rise to the occasion and Identifying Your Value suddenly display strengths or show a burst The wisest, most successful leaders I haveof energy we have not seen to achieve these To see success in your business, youworked alongside all seem to lead accordingresults. Subordinates typically follow a very need to identify your worth, which will helpto this rule regarding ethical questions: Ifpredictable pattern of performance. Great improve your confidence. Not everyoneyou have to ask, then dont. In other words,leaders know who they can count on to do knows how to identify their value, so weveif there is something that makes you feel thatwhat. So you rarely see great leaders asking gathered three tips to help you out. it is in the gray area or that taking an actionthemselves, I wonder if my subordinate will might even be misinterpreted as unethical,suddenly perform well in a role that does not Understand Your Value You need tothen just dont do it. Ive never seen a leaderappear to fit their talents and interests.figure out who you want to be in your businessregret having held back from taking an action and industry. After you fully understandwhen they had an ethical question. HowQuestions About Trusting Your Bossthis, its important to create a solid missionunethical would it be if is a question no statement that supports your values. leader should ever ask. There is a saying that people dont quit companies, they quit bad bosses. So if you Receive And Give Love Keep yourQuestions Regardingfind yourself wondering whether you can trust complimentary reviews from customersUnderperformance your boss or not, you likely cant. Go find a to use as a reference point to provideboss you can trust, one who will hold your additional support. Also, be sure to findThere is a cycle of facing reality that myinterests in high regard. Rarely do you see ways to appreciate those who have helpedclients sometimes go through. They havegreat leaders staying in roles where they ask you and your business. a bold vision: a goal to achieve somethingthemselves, I wonder if I can trust my boss.Create A Game Plan After considering what your offerings are likely worth, whomDr. Geoff Smart is the chairman and founder of ghSMART, a leadership consulting youre looking to serve and what theyd befirm that exists to help leaders amplify their positive impact on the world. Dr. Smart and his firm have published multiple New York Times best sellers. He stays active in willing to pay, you can name your final price. his community and has advised many government officials. Technology That Works!216-393-24843'